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  1. Always the same this time of year - shivering in polo necks, hats and scarves  - but the shops are already showing the lovely new spring colours and we start to look forward to warmer weather and shaking up our wardrobes and homes.

    New home colours can often match what is happening in the fashion world  - and for spring this year hot pink and yellow seem to be dominating.  

    I love yellow as a colour accent it always looks fresh and is so versatile and  can be matched with lots of other  colours and I favour the more mustard shade which looks good with greys, whites, pinks and blues.

    So now is the time to hunker down in the warmth with some good home magazines and your laptop and get some inspiration for freshening up your  home from inspiring homeware websites so you are ready when the weather starts getting warmer and spring cleaning is upon us.

    I will be showing a lot more pictures for sale soon as they are a good way of changing the look of a room and much more furniture so please keep looking.

    Take care and stay warm......

    a n n i e    h a y e s 



  2. That week between Christmas and New Year is an odd time. Still finishing off sweets, crisps and all the lovely other excesses.  Right now though because Christmas is over (not really though until January 6th)  I just want to take down all the Christmas cards and tree and decorations and have a bit of a New Year spring clean.

     I really believe clutter such as  piles of clothing,  paperwork,  unread magazines and newspapers, things to be mended or anything in our to do lists - stops you thinking clearly in all other areas of life as if you are living in a kind of chaos your life will reflect that too.

     I feel in the mood to clear wardrobes and cupboards trying to keep to the William Morris principle that is often quoted

     “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

     Charity shops like all other businesses need good quality items to sell on  – so as we clear out anything that doesn’t fit to the above statement it does help to know that we will be helping others too and  we won’t feel as guilty giving away our bad shopping choices or gifts we will never use – or clothes that don’t fit – or we are keeping just in case?

     Once the clearing is done its always nice to start the New Year with a shift around in furniture if you have the room – or just change around pictures, mirrors or change your cushions.  Try out a new room fragrance like orange or cedar sticks or the wonderful winter fragrance from L’Occitane .

     So I wish you a clutter free, freshly spruced home and a healthy and  Happy New Year


       a n n i e      h a y e s