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  1. Hi

    This is exciting my first blog on new website - (exciting for you I hear you say)  well what has she got to say for herself?   Plenty.  I love giving advice almost always unsolicited -  think I missed my calling to be a life coach!!  My favourite subject and shopping addiction though is for the home - I like fashion but as I get older I am now drawn to classics - a pair of shoes has never excited me like a piece of furniture or a one off piece of decor I've managed to snuffle out.   In my own home (full to bursting)  I always say before a shopping trip - "nothing for me I can't even fit in a new photo frame" and the next thing I am measuring my boot to make sure a new table will fit....if you love something on sight you have to have it! ( I love exclamation marks too!!!)   I am lucky I've never made a mistake choosing furniture (luck or impeccable taste??)  and almost never get rid of it.  Sometimes you can simply tire of something and a change of room or lick of paint refreshs it - can you say the same of a handbag or pair of shoes??

    Am currently working on new wall decor - original prints and typography as I love the difference a few well chosen pictures can change a room quickly and quite affordably so look out for those.  I still have lots of items to photograph and upload into the shop on my website so bear with.  I can also help source pieces of furniture too.

    Think I will keep this first blog short and sweet.  I'd love feedback for my website and anything you'd like to see on it.  Have only just got my Twitter account going with 1 follower (my sister if you're wondering)  so will have to have a go trying that out...speak soon..........annie hayes